2008 almost finishes

Dear friends and ICT lovers. It was a good time that we spent and learned a lot from eachother and hosting country. I think it will be better to send some more news about your works or whether else what you want.
Hope to see and hear from my ICT friends,
do you want too???

First insertion in the new year

I wish a really good new year 2008 .Don't forget about the China Olympics, maybe our family will be there.Rachel is enthusiastic to go there.

ICT is everywhere?

sometimes, you need more than ICT.
Because children need some fresh air and

Hello everybody,

today a busy day at school: we celebrate "Sinterklaas" maybe you know it as "Santa Claus".

Al the children get presents and sinterklaas visits the school.

greetings from Paul

Thanks From Necip

thans all my friends..it is a very special experience to be a father..

some images ...
1. my wife, my sister's daughter, and Mir Efe...
2. just watching :)))

Rachel a little bit more.....

Just a poem

There is a pleasure in poetic pains
Which only poets know.